House/home Shows, ITI China

New project group/International Theater Institute, presente HOUSE-HOME in partnership with Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre.

A multi-disciplinary work.

Featuring artist from Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Cyprus, Germany, Luxembourg, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Sweden, USA.

Under the New project group, I composed music for House-Home show.

The 33rd ITI World Congress China, Laurence Moletta’s pecha kucha.

Laurence Moletta’s work.

I’m a music composer, and a musician. I play the flute and the piano. I live in Belgium. I work a lot in improvised music with different musicians. I compose soundtracks for show for the theater, danser, the circus, and for film and documentary. I’ve studied electroacoustic music at music conservatory in France. Electroacoustic music characteristic is that it doesn’t use musical instruments but object that can be used to make noises or sounds. These sounds are recorded outside, they are everyday life sounds, city noises, factory sound, birds, sea sounds like waves and wind. These sounds have coding system which is different from traditional music. This music theory called sound objects was invented by Pierre Schaeffer in 1940 in France. These sound are classified in different categories like:

Rebound like table tennis ball, with a sound acceleration at the end, rubbing sound, swinging sound like pendulum …

Sound tracks of my show were made with sound objects. I went outside to record soundscapes, and I put them in my music software « Ableton Live ». After listening to them and selecting some. I’ve changed sound paramaters like reverberation, deelays, pitches. I’ve created new sounds, and I’ve put them in other music context.

Ableton Live is a music software for computer aided music. It’s divided in two windows, one for music edition and the other for live music with diiferent plugings which change sounds. It’s a efficient way of composing.

I’ve taught worlshop of computer aided music at the Center of new technologies in Bamako, in Mali with adults and art students. I’ve tFrance at the National conservatory of music and different schools with children. My topic was the introduction to making sound and the composition of computer music.

If this topic interests you, I would enjoy to go to your country to teach in workshops as well.

Dispositif Bio Diva

Now i’ll tell you about my show. I want to introduce my digital instrument for voice and gestural sensors. I’ve explained to you my electroacoustic work. At the beginning, I worked with my midi fader and my laptop. My position behind my laptop wasn’t convenient for me. I want to move and match the action to sound, with a wave of the hand to control the sound parameters.

During one year I’ve worked with the programmer Alexis Boilley in Belgium. We have created a new digital instrument.

This digital instrument operates with two softwares like « MAX MSP » and « Ableton Live ». Sensors send signals to Max Msp. Max Msp receives them and transforms them in MIDI signals to control Ableton Live. This instrument consists of two gyroscopes with five axis on my wrist, and two sensors gloves with four on/off switches each. They control voice parameters like deelays, reverberation, sound level, pitch and one looper.

I developped this project in Belgium in Brussels. I’ve a grant from Minitery of French Community of Belgium, section digital arts.

It’s the first time I present this instrument to an audience.

In shows I can play alone with video. The name of my show are « BIO DIVA ».

 I’m Looking for places to present these shows.

Contact: Laurence.Moletta ((((/a t/))))