Who am I ?

I’m a musician, composer. I play the flute and I sing. My name is Laurence Moletta. Nios Karma is my artist’s name.

I’m interested in the relation between music and new technologies. I have an electroacoutic composition graduate. I compose music for performances, movie, theatre and sound installation.

I’ve worked with the following people:

In the New groupe project 2011 House Home International Theatre Institute in partnership with Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre. « House Home » Théâtre Director: Franck Duwel (Shanghai ), Gunther Beelitz (Shanghai)

 Digital programmer: Alexis Boilley

Researcher (digital instrument): Nicolas d’Alessandro, Todor Todoroff, numédiart

Théâtre director: Alexandra Rice, Véronique Binst, Gwénaëlle La Rosa.

 Digital performer: Alexandre Quessy, Michal Seta, Valérie Cordy, Annie Abrahams

Storyteller: Serap Güven

 Choreographers : Denis Placard (Lyon, France); Kilina Cremona, Compagnie Desmae (Lyon, France); Patricia Novoa (Paris).

Sound Installation:Beaux arts (Lyon, France); Famawiwi (Tournai,Belgium)

Circus: Circus school Arc’en cirque (Chambéry, France)

Films: Alexandra Rice, Simon Beaupré, Sylvain Steffen.

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